About Us

Dazzle Designs was established in 2004 and specializes in designing and producing all types of bags and boxes. We use non-phthalate PVC, EVA, TPU  for packaging bags, Cosmetic bags in P.U.s and many beautiful fabrics, Paper shopping bags, Tote bags, Cooler Bags and Sport bags. We have another factory that specializes in all types of Setup boxes and paper boxes for packaging. Many of our bags and boxes are made with eco-friendly materials. All types of logo applications are also available. Our bags and boxes are direct from the factories to you. Bags and boxes meet prop 65 and reach standards


We can help you source a variety of the latest fabrics from around the world. From sport mesh to woven silks, we source the latest materials seen in the retail industry.

Our fabric library at our Florida showroom contains a collection of fabric swatches sent by our factories and mills abroad.

We specialize in customized woven/ silk-screened or printed fabrics as well as logos.

Please call us to set up an appointment to see the wide array of materials we can offer to you.

fabric photo

TERRY CLOTH A cotton fabric with moisture-absorbing loop pile covering the entire surface on one or both sides

SATEEN A satin weave fabric with a smooth, lustrous surface.

SHEETING Plain-woven, carded yarn cloth in medium and heavy weights.

JACQUARD The jacquard loom produces elaborate cloth weaves that are very important for decorative fabrics.

VELVET A warp-pile fabric with short, densely woven cut pile, giving the fabric a soft, rich texture.

CHENILLE A fuzzy cotton yarn or fabric that has pile protruding around it. Chenille is the French word for “caterpillar.”

TWILL Identified by the diagonal lines on its face. It is an incredibly versatile fabric.

INTERLOCK A double-knit, plain-stitched fabric that looks the same on both sides.

FLANNEL A plain-weave cloth heavily brushed for softness.

CORDUROY A ribbed, pile fabric. Comes in various weights and weaves.

DENIM A rugged, durable twill fabric that is most popular in indigo blue.

VELOUR A term applied to cut pile cloths in general. Velour is soft, luxurious and widely used.


To support our high demand of production, we have key reliable factories that are well equipped to handle a large range of bags and boxes in China and the USA.

Our China bag and box factories are inspected and certified.

This factory specializes in cosmetic bags, cooler bags, and promotional bags and produces over 150,000 bags a day.